ZNT Property Services is a local landscaping, hardscaping and outdoor services contractor company offering installation, repair and
replacement services for improvement projects to residential and light commercial property owners in the southern Twin Cities area.

Lonsdale Property Upkeep, Improvement and Cleanup Services

ZNT Property Services provides Property Upkeep, Improvement, and Cleanup Services to Residential and Light Commercial properties in a large portion of the Southern Twin Cities metro area, including Lonsdale, MN. From Landscape Maintenance, to Garden Renovations to Seasonal Cleanup, it seems that there's always work to be done for your yard and buildings.  We provide a wide range of property Upkeep, Improvement and Cleanup services to the Lonsdale, MN area to help ensure your residential or light commercial property looks the best that it can.

ZNT Property Services is more than just handyman services. We also work with local service providers, contractors and specialists to ensure that you receive the services you need in Lonsdale, MN, all through a single point of contact from ZNT Property Services.

Our unique approach allows for a wide range of all-around services that can suit the needs of almost any project or task.  For more information on how we can help with your next maintenance, enhancement or spruce up in the Lonsdale, MN area, visit the Services page!


ZNT Property Services provides a wide range of Property Upkeep, Improvement and Cleanup services in the area of Lonsdale, MN 55046

Constant Upkeep and Maintenance of your Lonsdale, MN property is always important to maintain the best possible appearance of your property or building. Our wide range of Property Upkeep and Maintenance Services such as Fertilizing, Core Aerating and Shrub Pruning will keep your Lonsdale, MN property looking healthy, green and growing.

Improvement and Enhancement of your Lonsdale, MN property can enhance its curb appeal as well as its value. Services such as General Repair, Concrete Work, Retaining Walls and Fire Pit Installation will help the overall development and growth of your property to keep it looking its best.

Cleanup, Junk Removal and Debris Removal services are essential to keeping a neat and tidy residential or light commercial property or landscape in Lonsdale, MN. Services like Seasonal Cleanup, Storm Cleanup, House Power Washing and Building and Property Clean-Outs ensure your home's landscape and exterior look spic and span.

If you need Property Upkeep and Maintenance, Improvement and Enchancement and/or Cleanup and Straightening services for your Lonsdale, Minnesota residential or light commercial property, Contact Us today! One Simple Task, Large Projects or Long 'To-Do' Lists, for us, there's no job too big or small, we do them all!