ZNT Property Services is a local landscaping, hardscaping and outdoor services contractor company offering installation, repair and
replacement services for improvement projects to residential and light commercial property owners in the southern Twin Cities area.

Shrub Pruning & Trimming Services

Shrub Pruning is critical for young plants and trees to ensure that their growth and development is to your liking. At ZNT Property Services, we provide Shrub Pruning services that will keep your plants, no matter the size, looking their best for your lawn and outdoor environment.

Pruning helps distribute the plant's stored energy among fewer buds, branches and flowers. Allowing them to grow stronger and develop a larger structure altogether. Shrub Pruning may seem like a daunting task to owners of a home and small business in the southern Twin Cities metro area. At ZNT Property Services, we have the skills and knowledge necessary and to handle the task professionally.

Its easy to overdo it when it comes to Shrub Pruning. Consider Shrub Pruning a preventative maintenance to help the development and growth of your plants. Whether you need a shrub or a small tree trimmed and pruned, at ZNT Property Services we can help!

We're more than just a handyman, and when you combine Shrub Pruning with our other property Upkeep, Improvement and Cleanup services such as Debris Removal, Small Tree Service, Leaf Removal, Storm Cleanup and more your landscape and outdoor environments will thank you! For more information on how we can help with your Shrub Pruning or other property Upkeep, Improvement and Cleanup service needs, Contact Us today!