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Lawn Core Aerating Services

Over time, lawns and soil becomes compacted from foot and lawn mower traffic as well as watering practices. This compacted soil prevents deeper root development for your lawn and proper water absorption. Those factors will eventually cause your lawn to thin out, discolor and eventually die. The primary goal of Core Aeration is to relieve that compacted soil.

Don't be alarmed by the large plugs of dirt left behind after a Core Aeration. A proper Core Aeration will leave those behind, and after a short period of time they will dissolve back into the soil and terrain, no cleanup needed! Within weeks, your lawn will be lusher and thicker than before.

These holes left behind will eventually be filled in by the old, dissolving cores. They will allow the roots of your grass and turf to grow deeper into nutrient-rich soil and promote new and stronger growths. Timing is everything, and ensuring your Core Aeration is well timed and done professionally is important.

Our other property Landscaping, Hardscapes and Outdoor Services can be combined in a variety of ways to ensure your investment into Core Aeration doesn't go to waste. When you combine Core Aeration with other services such as Dethatching and Overseeding, your lawn will become the envy of the neighborhood. Contact Us today or Request a Quote to see how we can help you!