ZNT Property Services is a local landscaping, hardscaping and outdoor services contractor company offering installation, repair and
replacement services for improvement projects to residential and light commercial property owners in the southern Twin Cities area.

Irrigation Systems and Service

Proper watering and irrigation practices can make all the difference between a lush and healthy lawn and garden and a dry and barren one. ZNT Property Services can work with you and make sure that your lawn is getting irrigated and watered properly year-round!

Whether you need a spring start-up, an existing system repaired or a whole new Irrigation System installed, ZNT Property Services and our family of service providers, specialists and contractors can help! Working together, we can help you design and install an Irrigation System that fits your home or small business' landscape and outdoor environments needs. ZNT Property Services is much more than just a handyman.

Combining Irrigation System services with a variety of our other services such as Fertilization, Lawn Mowing, Debris Removal, Core Aeration, Weed Control, Overseeding and more can keep your property looking the best it can year-round! To see how we can help with your next Irrigation System or property Upkeep, Improvement and Cleanup service needs, Contact Us today!